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    . You know, after all this walking and tea quaffing I need to go to the bathroom. The fact of the matter is one person cannot serve two masters. The taxpayers. This is why I find Town Square so amusing: the sheer hypocrisy.

    Pumpkin Day in McCarren Park was a community event that was run by volunteers and did not have any corporate sponsorship. Julie Lawrence, a longtime Williamsburg resident and Neighbors Allied for Good Growth organizing committee member, believes that the relationship between OSA and the Parks Department has benefited the city and businesses, including the Brooklyn Brewery, which are have received or currently have concession rights at the aforementioned events — Ed.

    Note more than the community. And yet, four years later, she poses next to the developer poised to build a 40 story tower in Greenpoint and the City Councilman who enabled it. Contrary to what Mr. But this document seems to attest otherwise.

    A u t h o r ~ A r t i s t ~ M u l t i p o t e n t i a l i t e

    I, on the other hand, do not. In any case it would appear that in this mortal coil Fat Boy was a gerbil….

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    Thayer was one of the most vociferous parks advocates Williamspoint had. Posted by missheather 22 Comments. Pet-sitting, work, Photoshop phreakiness, life: the list goes on and on. No table to decorate your pumpkin, no real socialization spot to have parents and children interact.

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    I could not understand why this came to pass— McCarren needs help. It is grounded purely by observing human nature. The primary role of the OSA Board is to raise money. Posted by missheather 7 Comments. Last week was a hectic one for yours truly.

    As for Joe Vance, entrusting an architect to be a community advocate in neighborhood facing a radical residential re-zone is sort of like asking the fox to guard the hen house. Anyway, I just got back from a sojourn to the Manhattan Avenue park.

    So, Hindy and the board turned their attention to raising money to maintain McCarren and McGolrick parks and create new open space in North Brooklyn on street ends along the Williamsburg waterfront….

    Or not.

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    We had over pumpkins and gave away more than half of the pumpkins for free. Not the case: OSA incorporated in January of Those plans stalled that year when Motiva, the company that owned the site, was reluctant to sell.

    If anyone from Community Board 1 is reading this and would like to give his or her take on the please me at missheather at thatgreenpointblog dot com.

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    Can you say hypocrisy? On the other hand, I am unbelievably proud and thankful to our volunteers and the work that they put in that day. In our view, it typically does not require a table for children to decorate pumpkins or a deated spot for adults to socialize.

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    I most emphatically disagree. You had the presence of mind to know that the best way to fight bigotry and hatred was to make fun of it. But I am sure corporations do not need to run every event at every level- even the local Halloween celebration is not free from their influence.

    OSA is dedicated to filling that need. It is ostensibly a public space.

    Nor did we choose to bury it. More specifically, I was wondering exactly what the fuck he is. To be overtly critical of her employer will jeopardize the roof over her head. This was always my fear as they were setting up the organization. I just got back from Pumpkin Fest and I am appalled.

    The Polish contingent was confused.


    Whatever you tell me will remain anonymous. Although a discarded styrofoam cup sort of defeats the message. Greenpoint continues to have virtually no access to its waterfront and proposed parks are still years away from completion… These street ends, once fully open, accessible, and clean, will provide the community with three desperately needed waterfront havens.

    Nonetheless it is a touching if somewhat abject tribute to Fat Boy. Whatever he was in life, he was clearly loved. I for one would love to know. The nonprofit has not released an annual report or formed bylaws, Not true: Ed.

    You can read them by clicking here. Because they gave chump change to make a mural.


    Mike saw some cardboard sticking out of the dirt. As I was approaching Kent Avenue I began to hear music. Way to go, Sherlock- fucking -Holmes.

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    Posted by missheather Leave a Comment. So they made a move that was downright Machiavellian in its brilliance: they hired her.

    But at long last I have the time and energy to share my thoughts about the following which hails from Brooklyn If you point and click your way to this post which can be done by clicking on the above image you will learn that Brooklyn is addressing the recent reporting by Aaron Short of the Williamsburg Courier.

    Unfortunately I do not see this changing anytime soon. Wait a minute. A lot of Polish dudes sleep on cardboard inside there, but I doubt these have anything to do with them.

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    You must be logged in to post a comment. Rather, the local manager donated paper bags on the spur of the moment out of the goodness of her heart. Posted by missheather 3 Comments. I asked myself.

    Sure enough, he was still there. The enthusiastic magnitude of the turnout far exceeded our expectations. Steve Hindy, Proprietor. Search for:. Posted by missheather 5 Comments. Had she been involved, she would have known that McDonalds was not a sponsor of this event. It is patronage mutual backslapping, plain and simple.

    The having been written this makes the top ten.

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    Methinks I will head over to Kent Street. Then I remembered that I am for all intents and purposes an honest person. Rather, we chose to make this a voluntary donation so that children and families, who could not afford to pay, would not be excluded or made to feel badly.

    Of particular interest to yours truly is this:. Just a question. Although once promised— and much discussed—- the money was used for one. Do I think Ms. Thayer sees it this way?

    This has nothing to do the the betterment of the community. On that note, I strongly encourage you, dear readers, to revisit the post mentioned at the beginning of this post.

    OSA outlays money to hang advertisements on private property, facing public property in this case East State River Park …. Anderson posted it. Or, Fat Boy: R. Last month at Manhattan Avenue Park we beheld a strapping chap sunning his buns in a pink Speedo. You get the idea. Through a formal partnership agreement with the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, OSA allows the community to have a voice in the management and maintenance of existing parks — and the creation of new parks….

    Finally, if she believes Town Square is a corporation, I guess that all I can say is — thank you for the compliment!

    Adam Perlmutter. Which brings me to the following. Ever since I got the sad news about Fat Boy last night I have not been able to get him off my mind. Lest I have not made it clear already OSA North Brooklyn has a suspicious provenance, has been less than forthcoming about their mission to put it politely and how they are spending the money our elected officials READ: our tax dollars have donated to them.

    Loading Comments I want you, dear readers, to think about this for a moment. Suffice it to say it keeps getting more and more interesting! Choice quote:. Posted by missheather 4 Comments. Follow are a couple of quotes from this tome. And further more nobody at Town Square thinks it is strange in a time where we are being very conscientious about what our children should eat that one of the sponsor s of this event is McDonalds and possibly Dunkin Donuts as there was lots of branded products there as well …But after all, what do we expect from an organization where Exxon Mobil sponsored EARTH DAY in Greenpoint the same neighborhood they committed one of the worst environmental disasters in American history and still avoid their responsibility … Maybe I have no irony or no sense of humor or I am just too moralistic.

    OSA will boost public awareness of the crucial role parks play in the urban environment, while gaining support from donors and volunteers for restoration and new development projects. Which brings me to the following as gleaned from the aforementioned article from the Williamsburg Courier ….

    There is a difference. I simply do not like large crowds of people. It IS an election year after all. OSA Presents, Inc. The Brooklyn Brewery. I have lived in Greenpoint for ten years.

    About | JH Sketch Blog

    In this time I have seen some seriously strange shit. You have a lawyer Perlmutter who is on record in this article from NY1, dated April 4, :. Well, I guess it is morning somewhere. McCarren Park is paid for by our tax dollars.

    Check out the Williamsburg Courier for the A donation was made with the expectation it would be shared.

    Stephen Hindy : georgiakrmassage.online

    Aaron Short writes in this article :. Being a good park steward, Mike began to pick it up when he noticed R. Turns out to be a final resting place.

    Or perhaps that should be what he was? Just like the rest of us she has bills to pay.

    Very odd lay out, was it not the point to have us socialize, to feel part of the same community? His qualification s : taking a welding class. Who in his or her right mind, in these times, would do such a thing? This whole set-up reeks of graft.

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    A concerned and seriously pissed off Greenpoint parent writes: I thought this sponsorship might at least amuse you… forwarded follows :. Last Sunday afternoon I happened to find myself in Williamsburg. We would definitely welcome her assistance.

    Given that one of the writers for this blog is on CB1.

    I wonder what they have to say about all of this?

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