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Synn gentlemen club industry new britain Chelsea Green. When he retired, he began over and brought a new mission in Sioux Falls from its very beginning to self-supporting parish status. Savio VegaDennis Rivera. Krieble dreamed of this amazingly useful facility.

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    . InTrinity College conferred upon Mr. Curtiss the honorary degree of Master of Arts. In keeping with the forward-looking nature of the th Anniversary program, Dr.

    The College will seek financial support from every philanthropic resource: capital gifts, deferred gifts, special gifts and grants. In January of Mr. Smith was named to head a newly combined casualty-fire underwriting department.

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    Reason is and must be respected here. Joseph B. Kilbourn, prominent surgeon and ophthalmologist, died May 10 at Hartford Hospital. His fraternity was Psi Upsilon. As a Trinity undergraduate he was a member of the Hartford Club.

    Please hold the date. A stalwart Christian gentleman has gone to his reward. Lyman B. Science and the humanities alike require an atmosphere of freedom. The expansion of our Area Associations has continued to occupy our time this past year under the leadership of William H.

    Two new clubs, Minneapolis and St. Louis, have been organized and Rochester has been reactivated. When he retired, he began over and brought a new mission in Sioux Falls from its very beginning to self-supporting parish status.

    Hutzler, Jr. Heyl, Samuel Hopkins, Bernard R. Bralove, Oswald W. Spoor, Area Chairmen. These areas in particular were extremely well covered by the interviewers and a very high percentage of the requested interviews were completed.

    Sleeper discussed the Civil Rights Bill in its entirety and as a piece of legislation guaranteeing human rights. I have enjoyed it, and along with running the Philadelphia interviewing group, I have been kept more than a little busy.

    In athletics he was on the teams of both track and football and was secretarytreasurer of the Athletic Association. It is one of our axioms, so basic that if a man tells us that he is irrevocably convinced that Christianity is not true, our only answer is that he must then reject Christianity merely as a bulwark of society or a useful myth.

    Purdy was interested in Trinity and currently was the treasurer of the Chicago Alumni Association. We are most appreciative of the help of all those Alumni who participated in this project.

    Active on the Debating Team, he was literary editor of the Tablet and the Ivy. After studying in Spain and France for a year as a Mary A. Terry Fellow, Mr. Four years later he moved to Norfolk, Conn. After graduate study at New York University, he became a certified public ant and for over twenty-six years was associated with the Leonard Traub Company of Windsor.

    Born January 17,in New Haven, Conn. Professor George Izenour of Yale University, world-famous deer of theaters, was a consultant for the Trinity theater. Schuyler April 26 in Washington, D. He had two brothers who attended Trinity: Philip V.

    Born July 13,in Utica, N. Entering Trinity inhe remained in residence for three years. Thanks, workers.

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    He was awarded the Alumni English Prize and the first Whitlock English Prize as a junior and as a senior, respectively. Personally I want to thank you all for your cooperation and interest. If at any stage in his life he hardens and stops learning, he is done for.

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    Heath bas been on leave during the current academic year as visiting professor of psychology and student counselor at Amherst. As a freshman he was elected vice president of his class.

    Reviews: May 22, | The Ultimate Strip Club List

    Leinbach Timothy F. Lenicheck Warren L. Linberg, Jr. Stanley J. Marcuss, Jr. McGill Steven J. Molin sky Daniel L. Ostapko Robert H. Parlee Michael A. Schulenberg David M. Shields Harvey W. Thomas, Jr. Yeaton S. Appleyard, D. Frank D. Ashburn Dr. However, more important is what the artist sees in nature - how he transfers the image in nature, through his aesthetic and through the limitations and advantages of the medium.

    It has been a tremendous personal pleasure to have served as the President of your Association for the past two years.

    We also became aware of a strong feeling among alumni that they wanted more news of the college as it was happening, and on a regular basis.

    The Church grew steadily stronger. The achievements this year are most impressive. In recent years it has been recognized nationally by the American Alumni Council and the U.

    Steel Foundation as one of the strongest alumni funds in the country. Completion is planned by late November.

    July by Trinity College Digital Repository - Issuu

    Also in this issue are contained the excellent reports of Donald R. Hansen, Jr. The reports of Don and Gerry certainly bear testimony to the extent of their personal activities in your behalf and the activities of all Alumni working with and for them.

    I was particularly interested in his teaching in Nigeria and had looked forward to hearing from him about it. Among our findings, we learned the Alumni Magazine is regarded as the best source of information.

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    In announcing the appointment of Dr. Charles H. Morgan, who is Chairman of the American Friends of Greece, will continue his duties at Amherst, which include the directorship of the Mead Art Gallery there.

    As a Trinity undergraduate he was a member of the track team for four years and the Glee Club for three. What was achieved was an obvious facility in handling, yet a spirit of the fishing shack amidst rocks and sandbar was eventually created.

    He served with the Connecticut National Guard from and took part in the Mexican border campaign.

    Thomas J. Watt Edward Mel. Wiener Robert L. Alberts Douglas K. Anderson John H. Baker, Jr. Robert A. Borawski George R.

    Fraise Lawrence R. Harris, Jr. John W. Kopouch Robert J. Kelleher Thomas M. Kelly Robert W. MacLeod Robert J. Mason Wimam G. McNulty, Jr.

    William H. Nelson Michael C. Niven William M. Polk Frederick M. Pryor Allen M. Shepard C. Spink David W. Strawbridge David A. Wadhams F.

    Peter Williams, Jr. Donald Woodruff, Jr. Burger Robert E. Bylin Clarence U. Casey Paul F. Haskell, Jr. William C. Howland Stephen P.

    Jones MichaelS. At the outset it was apparent we were starting from scratch, in that a program had to be created and implemented for the association in line with the overall objectives established by the Officers and the Executive Council.

    Austin was director of the Ringling Museum in Sarasota, Florida, from until his death in While there be acquired a complete 18th-century Baroque theater from Italy and re-erected it on the grounds of the museum.

    Van Zile of Harrisville, N. William A. Bell and Mrs. Finton G. Another son, Edward Jr. Army and was decorated by the French Government.

    More Daily Strip Clubs Reviews

    True equality of opportunity must be provided and there must be no limits to the aspiration and accomplishment of those with the qualities necessary to scale the heights.

    The Admissions Office requested that roughly of these candidates be interviewed, and the alumni returned reports. Comstock died suddenly in Wayne, Pa. Comstock Jr. George S. James School, St. James, Md. In recent years he was a salesman for the Pottstown Metal Products Co.

    He had been for some time with the Buffalo Tank Corporation as a salesman.

    He was stationed at Dallas, S. Travelling at first by team and buggy, and later by Model T, he ministered to people in homes, schools, saloons, or wherever he could find them. He was one of the first doctors to perform modern surgery on the battlefields.

    Document details

    He pointed out the need for technical personnel in industry to have a broad enough background of scientific knowledge so they can adapt themselves readily when new approaches to problems are necessary.

    Arts Center Named for A. Euerett Austin Jr. It will be named the Austin Arts Center in memory of the late A.

    Everett Austin Jr. The naming of the Arts Center for Mr. Austin with the Wworth Atheneum in Hartford was an important one, for his unique gift to sense the best in artistic expression is still felt and seen around the world.

    Some had official missions as trustees, as alumni officers, as reunion chairmen or as panelists. Doolittle directed attention to some of the problems which industry faces as a consequence of the rapid pace of technological development.

    Many were honored by the College or the Alumni Association. Julian B. Galvin, Sherman J. FitzSimons, Area Chairmen. Curtiss, well known author, died in Winsted, Conn. There simply was no stopping him. Entering Trinity in with the Class ofhe left in April to enlist with the th Company U.

    Marines, 9th Regiment, A. As an undergraduate he was on the football squad and was a member of the Alpha Chi Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity.

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    Louis V. As an undergraduate be was a member of the Tripod; Le Cercle Francais; the Junior Prom Committee and the Lacrosse team, being captain of the latter his senior year.

    Disinterested citizens will have many opportunities to contribute to further progress.

    In this painting, which was done with a one-inch brush, the artist tried to capture a personal view of a typical waterfront scene, reminiscent of the Cape. We are here to pay tribute to a family whose members for five score and three years have been the architects of this College; to a family whose members in their lives have been outstanding exemplars of our time-honored motto, Pro ecclesia et patria, for Church and Country.

    He was also a partner in Chilkoot Fur Farm, near Haines. He has served the company sinceexcept during the war years when he was granted a military leave of absence. These meetings were held to bring these important educators up to date on recent developments at Trinity and were extremely well attended and enthusiastically enjoyed by everyone.

    We are gathered this afternoon on an occasion most meaningful to Trinity.

    Pappas executed a watercolor, done from a small sketch. I wish this report could be lengthy enough to include the names of all the individuals who put heart and soul into one candidate or another.

    To find out just what these were, a major survey of Trinity alumni was approved by the Executive Council. We must work even harder on the recruiting phase, however.

    Annual Report to Alumni This project is still in the conceptual stage and has aroused considerable interest among those alumni I have had an opportunity to discuss it with.

    In closing, I would again like to express my appreciation for the support and assistance received from the Officers and Executive Council, the Alumni, Development and Public Relations Offices and particularly to the alumni who have taken the time to call or write expressing an opinion or an offer to help.

    Increase alumni interest; 3. Cohen, Jr. Thomas C. Moses Joseph B. Associate A gents James A. Leigh Rev. R ich ardson A. Libby, Jr. Callen, Jr. William T. Montgomery Gerald E. Pauley, Jr.

    Harry C. Jackson, Jr. Borns Walter J. Burns, Jr. James T. Fred A. Mauck Philip E. McNairy Herbert H. Moorin Samuel S.

    Polk R. Evan Scharf Albert R. Smith II T. William Webster, J r.

    They wandered from seminar to seminar; from reunion headquarters to Mather Hall; from dedication ceremonies of McCook Math-Physics Center and Krieble Auditorium to the annual alumni luncheon; and from the tennis match back to headquarters and to reunion dinners.

    While there was a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for this project, we were again faced with a budget problem. Details later. The past two years he had been in poor health and had lived in Washington.

    He certainly will be missed. As noted earlier, while we felt this was needed, the survey confirmed our hunch. Provide a channel for alumni support of the college public relations department.

    I commend to all of you your closest cooperation with him in the next two years. A native of Worcester, Mass. I believe that when the history of this second half of the twentieth century is written, it will be revealed as a time when again the kingdom and the power and the glory of God was revealed Krieble brought great honor and high distinction to the College he served for so many years with such dedicated loyalty and faithful devotion, with such consummate skill and constructive ability It is altogether fitting that we pay honor where honor is due.

    The college camera unwittingly caught the culprit in the act and you will find evidence of this deed pictured for posterity. A more detailed of the survey will be available in the fall.

    A Survey of Alumni Attitudes While many good ideas and suggestions for a public relations program were available, it was felt the program should be keyed to the major interests and needs of alumni. Of thesewere actively engaged this year in completing interviews.

    Reunion- Commencement Alumni from near and far, from the classes of toresponded to the annual urge to return to Alma Mater.

    Let me simply say that we are deeply appreciative, that we cannot thank you enough. An active Trinity alumnus, he has served his Alma Mater as a Junior Fellow from toincluding two years as secretary of the board, was vice president of the National Alumni Association in andand was elected president of the Association at its annual meeting this past June Theodore D.

    A native of Hanover, New Hampshire, Dr. He received his Ph.

    At the present time Dr. He bas served Trinity as an alumni interviewer, a Junior Fellow and is a member of the Development Council.

    A gymnasium to replace the year-old Alumni Hall is also high on the priority list of additions in physical plant. Howard Spencer of West Hartford, Connecticut.

    Most of us recognize both a legal duty and a moral obligation to help to insure these rights, stemming both from the Constitution and even more broadly from the teachings of Jesus.

    Recently he was a stockbroker with the Chicago firm of Rodman and Renshaw. The new officers are: William T. The officers are: Stanley N. Muirhead, Jr. The money has been set aside for an area scholarship fund.

    Henry S. Under the proposed program the College plans an increase in enrollment by 25 per cent to 1, undergraduates, an increase in faculty of 20 per cent and an increase in faculty salaries of 75 per cent.

    But before that time arrived he came to love the people, Indian and white, and they him, so that he never left except to serve as chaplain to the th Engineers of the A. He carried his suitcase across the ice-covered ties of the trestle over the Missouri River at Chamberlain in order to arrive in Sioux Falls in time for his consecration.

    Stewart, associate professor of mathematics, was the second of the seminars. A Christian foundation is no excuse for not using our brains. It is still very hard to believe Sam is gone. Before this revived interest in math, nothing new since was being taught.

    Paul and Joseph B. Born October 8,in Hartford, Conn. Thanks, givers. Stanton Deland, Jr. Deutsch, Regional Chairman; Thomas E. Jansen, Jr.

    White, Jr. Letchworth, Area Chairmen. What is it that Christianity claims to be unique?

    Our thanks go again to our gracious hosts, Dr. The new officers are: James J. All area alumni are cordially welcome. Loveland Armando T.

    Ricci, J r. Paul Roberts, D. Born December 10,in Detroit, Mich.

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    Increase alumni participation; 4. The awarding of diplomas came to an embarrassing and puzzling halt until President Jacobs realized that the salutatorian, second member of the class to receive his diploma, bad in his excitement clutched both The Book and his diploma as he returned to his seat.

    It is not easy to adequately express the gratitude of Trinity College. Purdy ill, Class ofis his nephew.

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    His fraternity was the Epsilon Chapter of Delta Psi. Schuyler taught at Manlius School, Manlius, N. He did fur. Dean Robert M.

    Vogel will be the speaker. In announcing Dr. We are very grateful. He was director of the Atheneum from to and as a leading exponent of contemporary art brought the first surrealist art to America, showing the works of Salvador Dali. Spencer is the former treasurer of Cushman Industries, Inc.

    He served four years with the U. At Trinity Mr. Spencer will be responsible for increasing gifts to the College through bequests, living trusts, insurance trusts and other forms of deferred giving.

    I know for a fact that the Admissions Office has relied heavily upon your work in their success for the College. I know that in other instances excellent work was done, too, and certainly among the many independent interviewers much praise could be sung.

    What an unfinished product man is! Your education is a failure unless you leave here committed to the life of reason and to the patient service of truth.

    Organized and styled like a corporate report, it would contain a financial section showing income and expense figurescharts reflecting increases and decreases in expenses, revenue, endowment, enrollment, etc.

    It is a truth that shines more brightly when Christians walk in respect and free loving encounter with those who cannot yet be Christian, who look as if they never will be Christian. Trinity awarded Mr. Austin an honorary Master of Arts Degree in Dean of Students President Jacobs has announced the appointment of Dr.

    Roy Heath as Dean of Students. It will be necessarily brief, leaving details and in-depth treatments for the Alumni Magazine. Arle John W. Basset Robert G. Beaven Charles A. Bergmann Neboysha R. Brashich Sanford A. Bredine Charles S. Burger Carrington Clark, Jr. Neil W. Richard E. Clark Phippen Robert L.

    Puffer Grosvenor H. Richardson Robb N. Russell Curtis M. Scribner Richard W. Fish Christopher A. Hodges F. Benedict Hubby Christopher D. George P. Lynch, Jr. Robert F. McCammon, Jr. Charles G. Morse Michael S. Perlman Jack A. Perry John E. Romig John P.

    Rorke Ens. Thornton G. Sanders John E. Stambaugh William A. Sullivan, Jr. Douglas T. Tansill Samuel Wagner. A college with a Christian foundation must be passionate in its devotion to truth. Alumni Association Reports To Trinity College Alumni: For the second and last time, it is my pleasure to report to my fellow Alumni on the conduct of the activities of your Alumni Association during the year The progress that an association of this type makes is due in large measure to the interest of its many members.

    With facts in hand we were able to proceed with the determination of format, content and publication schedule. Heath is the author of The Reasonable Adventure, a study of the growth of a group of students he had counseled at Princeton.

    Stansfield of Okanogan, Wash. Our encounter with the great world religions has taught us something.

    The survey proved to be a valuable aid in planning the program for the past year and we expect it will provide information for future activities of the association. Joseph A.

    Winner of the Frank W. He was also vice president of the Y. After his graduation he went to Alaska where for many years he was a teacher and school administrator at a of Southeastern Alaska locations.

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    He was also a 33rd degree Mason and state chaplain of the American Legion. He then enrolled at the University of Maryland College of Physicians and Surgeons, graduating in After interning in Baltimore and New York City, he studied surgery at the University of Vienna from to and then volunteered with the Austrian Army serving on the Serbian, Italian and Russian fronts.

    And if we are to help our fellow citizens make the great leap to freedom in the mainstream of American life, we must remember.

    Purdy, member of an old Trinity family, died April 27 in Skokie, Ill. He leaves his wife, the former Mrs. Francis Bell; and his mother, Mrs. Charles E. Born April 16,in Minneapolis, Minn. Petersburg, Fla.

    His wife, Mrs. Mildred White Bergman, died earlier this year. In the fall ofthe College, in close cooperation with the alumni, sponsored dinners in two cities, Philadelphia and Baltimore, for leading secondary school officials.

    Harry K. Griffith Jr. Carlough Jr. P AUL H. J OHN H. T homas S. Claros John R. M acKesson. William Burnett Hurd and Mrs. Herbert Scoville Jr. Born April 10,in Hartford, Conn. While not all of the interviewers were able to participate actively in the interviewing phase of the program because many alumni live in areas that did not have candidates applyinga good of these interviewers were active in the recruiting end of the business.

    Many of the 1, cards returned bad long letters attached expanding on the comments registered. Elsewhere in this issue you will find the magnificent report by Harry K. Harry has worked tirelessly this past year to make our fund-raising efforts bear the splendid that his report indicates.

    All, however, came to reminisce with classmates, faculty and friends. It is a belief that God was at work in the history of a people - Israel - and supremely in the life of one Man his incarnate Son- for the salvation of the world. His brother, the late Saul Berman, Class ofdied November 30, Born December 25,in Hartford, a son of Max D.

    Berman and Sarah Lebendiger, he prepared for college at Hartford Public High School and entered Trinity in but only remained in residence for one year.

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    Notice will be sent shortly to all known winter and summer alumni who reside on Cape Cod and The Islands. This has been solved by making it a t effort between the college Development Office and the Alumni Association. Morgan studied and taught there and was a member and chairman of the Managing Committee.

    His great-grandfather, the Rev. Edward J. Purdy, was a member of the Class of. A Life Sciences Center for biology and psychology will be constructed as part of the building program, and a library addition for independent study is planned.

    Planning and de is underway and we intend to have it ready for distribution by the end of the year.

    Conducted at the beginning of the year, the survey included some 7, alumni from the years to We received a 19 percent response which is considered in professional circles as excellent.

    He begins as the most helpless of all infants, merely at incarnate hunger. He leaves his wife, Mrs. Born October 4,a son of Mr. John F. Hollings of Hartford, Conn.

    He was graduated from Berkeley Divinity School then in Middletown in and immediately went into the mission field of South Dakota as a deacon, being ordained priest the following June. Trinity alumni should be proud of the performance of the Fund.

    The Christian is concerned for truth. Transferring from Dartmouth College to Trinity inhe remained in residence for one year. By careful revision and by the most skilled planning he was able to include it without increasing the cost of the building itself. Improve the communications flow between the college and its alumni; 2.

    Donald B. Engley, college librarian, gave a most entertaining and informative talk.

    By the way, it may be of interest to note that in midsummer the Admissions Office will send a complete class roster to all interviewers so that they will be accurately informed of the names of boys coming to Trinity from their particular areas.

    There is a need, I believe, for a short, fact-filled report on the College comparable to the reports issued annually by corporations.

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    If Jesus Christ be the truth, we should have realized long ago that His truth is not the 6.

    Watercolor lends itself to speed of accomplishment only when the artist makes the transfer from the obvious appearances in nature forms to symbolic, yet pictorial equivalents. Albert C. Jacobs President. The College has for twenty-eight years richly enjoyed this splendid auditorium and has been able to do so solely because of Dr.

    As the final plans for the Chemistry Laboratory were being drawn, Dr. Krieble dreamed of this amazingly useful facility.

    A man who knows everything, be he an insufferable teenager or a supercilious university graduate or an arrogant business man of fifty, is something less than human.

    This auditorium, therefore, is truly a direct gift from our late esteemed colleague to the College to which he contributed so generously. And each of us, learning the value of freedom at such great institutions as this, must consider himself a private soldier conscripted for life in its defense against all enemies, foreign and domestic With what most of us hope will be prompt passage of a comprehensive Federal Civil Rights statute, covering many of the points of recent controversies, the problem of insuring equal rights for our Negro fellow citizens should soon move out of the turmoil of recent years into a new, more harmonious phase.

    There would also be a final ing of the alumni fund. He moved to Florida in In World War I, Mr. Hollings served with the th Aero Squadron. Their contributions to our program were outstanding. Carruth, Jr. White, Harry S. Craver, M. Herbert Koeppel, Dr. Jacob D. Katz, Dr. Walter B. Macomber, Maurice A.

    Barclay, Area Chairmen. Heath received an A. From to Dr. Heath was an structor in psychology at Princeton and from to he was associate professor of psychology and student counselor at Knox College.

    He also received the Purple Heart. He was also chief surgeon of Fortress Hospital in Schumen, Bulgaria. Pappas, associate professor of art. I would be interested in any comments alumni have on this idea, and others relating to alumni association public relations activity.

    He ed the Amherst faculty in and bas been closely associated with the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. In the past the greatest of masters did their finished paintings from sketches done beforehand.

    Elsewhere on these s you will find more details and a brief pictorial sketch of the events of the Reunion.

    To convert these goals into a tangible program, these specific projects were inaugurated:. He leaves his wife, the former Myra, Baroness von Gussich; two sons, 0. Director of the School from tobe was made an honorary citizen of Athens and received the Grand Cross of the Order of the Phoenix.

    Participants were Dr. Robert Lindsay, associate professor of physics at the College, chairman; Howard D. Howard Jr. Walker Jr. We try to teach students to think problems through. The regional chairmen and their crops of volunteer workers, as well as the donors, deserve all the praise and thanks.

    The three-story Center will feature a theater deed for plays, concerts and lectures.

    Trinity College awarded him the Bachelor of Arts degree in Kilbourn returned to Austria January 1,to take up the study of the eye and practised exclusively in this field in Hartford since July Hollings, formerly of Windsor, Conn.

    Dean Vogel came to the rescue, retrieving The Book so that the other graduates could fulfill the time-honored tradition of touching The Book as they passed across the stage.

    It especially will seek challenge gifts of the kind that inspire new and greater support to help the College realize the goals it has set for its th Anniversary.

    A brother-in-law and classmate of his at Trinity, James A. Nichols, of Seattle, Wash. A son of the late Mr. Edward Bergman, be was born in Bethel, Conn.

    The Rt. Conrad H. Blair was a loyal Trinity man, always interested in the affairs of the College and supporting them in every possible way.

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    National Chairman. We have seen some fine examples this year of instances where boys were initially interested in Trinity by alumni, and who, although receiving bids from other excellent colleges, eventually decided in favor of Trinity because of continued alumni interest.

    Air Corps in France as a sergeant. Alumni Interviewing Report In the academic year - 64, the Alumni Interviewers played a strong part in the selection of the Class of This class, which will about 27 5, was selected from applicants. Your President and Alumni at large continue to be indebted to John A.

    John works tirelessly and eats, sleeps, and dreams of the affairs of our Alumni Association.

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    Pettus, Regional Chairman; F. Carl Schumacher, Robert J. Koretz, Oscar Brachman, Jr. Mitchell, Area Chairmen. The Trinity freshman has a better understanding of the concept of mathematics than did the Trinity graduate, and this includes some of those who majored in the subject.

    From - he was with the Chrysler Corp. Trinity can never repay the debt she owes to this illustrious family - a family that has combined intense activity with the highest standards of quality and excellence, dedicated and devoted service with firm conviction and forthrightness of purpose, absolute integrity and honesty with remarkable common sense, greatness with humility; a family whose dedication to college, church and country stands unparalleled.

    Campus activities again this past year were highly successful under the leadership of Ethan F. The Campus Conference had a particularly interesting innovation in that we invited to participate in our discussions representatives of four sister colleges.

    After studying law at Cornell, he began practice in Hartford in early and was recently honored with his year pin from the Hartford County Bar Association and the Connecticut Bar Association.

    At first he kept a calendar to mark off each day until his term of service should expire and he could leave.

    The Alumni Interviewing Program appears to be per.

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    For 21 years he was superintendent of schools at Coulee Dam, Wash. In the person of Seymour E. Alumni Association gains for the future an individual of tremendous capacity and interest as its President. Austin also acquired the famous Diaghilev-Lifar collection of ballet des.

    For many years Mr. Purdy was in the investment business in the Chicago area. He showed, in the course of the seminar, the role of the new math at each of the educational levels. In his senior year he was director of the Brotherhood of St.

    Andrew and editor of the Tripod. Seymour E. Smith is vice president and actuary of Travelers Insurance Company. The program finally presented to the Officers and Executive Council last fall and approved by them was deed to accomplish these broad objectives: 1.

    To the extent that we have progressed, it is a result that can and should be credited to each and every one of you. Twice as many alumni are interested in either college or alumni news as those who are interested primarily in sports.

    Bloomberg - Are you a robot?

    There are about alumni on the Alumni Interviewing rolls. Lacy, Dean of Students since and also associate professor of psychology, asked to be relieved of his administrative duties to devote his full time to academic work.

    Honorary degree recipients with President Jacobs: Front row, left to right, Dr. Jacobs; The Most Rev. John Caldwell Parsons, Hartford lawyer, doctor of laws; Dr.

    Kingman Brewster Jr. John Kapp Clark, vice president of research and a member of the board of Smith, Kline and French Laboratories, doctor of science. Berman, long-time Hartford lawyer, died May 8 in Hartford Hospital.

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